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Can I install "teams intranet" without technical help?

Yes, but we recommend you to get support from your IT department, Office 365 admin or one of our partners. Make sure to connect one of our partners  to your IT department in case they need further support.

Can I use it without Microsoft Teams?

Yes you can. Then you will have a SharePoint Intranet solution available in you browser.

What about branding? Does it support my CI?

Yes, it does support basic branding options. Please read the Installation Guide to get all options.

Why is 'teams intranet' for free?

Almost all features, that come with the basic installation of "teams intranet" are available within Microsoft Office 365, for free. So we won't charge you aswell. Our partners will provide you paid consulting services for setting up your intranet and maintenance.

What features will 'teams intranet' provide?

See the list of features here. On top you will be able to add paid extensions provided by our partners. You may develop your own extensions.

How can I apply to be a partner, listed on this page?

Please send us a mail containing  all countries your company is working in and the reason why your are interested.