In addition to your basic intranet installation our partners provide you an additional set of extensions. Those will boost your intranet.

Learn Management Add-In

A modern, cloud based and secure learning experience. It helps learners find the training they need, identifies training they might need, and ensures participation in the training they’re required to complete.

  • Use Office 365 tools to create courses for any user group or role
  • Create course catalogs with one-click enrollment and un-enrollment
  • Deploy SCORM packages as formalized courses or mini-training
  • Display personalized training progress on any SharePoint® page
  • Remind learners of training they haven’t completed
  • View progress reports and statistics by individual and course

Event Management Add-In

Plan and manage events quickly and professionally in Office 365 & SharePoint Online. Our Event Management Add-In helps you to plan and manage events quickly and professionally. From setting up events to managing attendee registrations, our solution makes event management a pleasure for everyone. It supports various types of events, such as meetings or workshops. Participants can register online with a few clicks, external guests as well as users with an account. As an organizer you can also send out invitations by e-mail or enroll users directly. The add-in keeps track of all attendees in one place and makes it easily accessible. All information is arranged clearly and you can check the list of attendees at any time.

Wiki Add-In

Our Wiki Add-In helps you to structure your information in the best way. It is easy to use and needs no training. It is a modern real-time wiki software and your team's single source of truth.

Ideation Add-In

Make more innovation happen! Our Ideation addin is the best way to turn ideas into innovations. It is the all-in-one innovation platform that helps you go from ideas to innovations, every step of the way. We've made the journey effortless so that you can focus on making more innovation happen. The addin lets you gather ideas from your employees, customers, and other stakeholders. It provides you with tools for prioritizing ideas and picking the right ones to progress. It makes it easy to refine and develop ideas together with your team and helps you analyze your innovation process to find and eliminate bottlenecks.

Decision Add-In

The decision Add-In helps you to streamline the decision process in your company. It makes it much easier to create decisions in a formal way and to get fast decisions from an authorized decision board. Easily create and collaborate on the meeting agenda, increase engagement and never again miss an action item.

Job Board Add-In

Your colleagues may want to change their job then quit, but how should they know what opportunities are available? The job board addin helps you to make those opportunities available for all employees, or only for custom audiences.