Requirement: you need a running Office 365 Subscription.

Intranet based on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, for free.

Employee engagement to boost loyalty

It has never been so important to generate company loyalty among talented specialists. Your intranet  will achieve transparency, foster trust in the management team, and strengthen ties between coworkers. The result: loyal staff who want to stay.

Connect with all employees, all the time

Whether your employees are sitting in the office, out on the road, or working in production, you will reach everyone simultaneously.

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that makes everyone happy.

Motivated employees, cross-location networking and structured knowledge exchange – for companies that use Microsoft Teams or planning to do so.

Connect with all employees

Are your office workers always up to date, whereas field staff have to rely on the grapevine? Not with Microsoft Teams. Get the app for all your employee and add our intranet – we enable you to reach absolutely everyone. Whenever and wherever.

Everyone’s knowledge – available for everyone

At many companies, knowledge is often left to gather dust at the back of a drawer or leaves the firm when former employees move on. With us, you can put this valuable knowledge at the disposal of all employees and foster internal knowledge sharing. Makes sense, right?

Find the right person – right away

Let’s be honest: everyone needs a bit of help from a colleague now and again. But there is an age-old problem: who best to contact and how to find them? The intranet search function is here to help.

Share information with the right target group

Not all information is relevant for all employees. Therefore, we let you determine which news is released to whom with just a few clicks. Whether all blue-collar workers or specific sites, you will always connect with the right target group thanks to our solution.

News reach everyone simultaneously!

Do you have news that every single employee needs to know about? No problem. With our solution, you can reach all your employees at the same time, regardless of whether they are sitting in the office, working on a construction site, or visiting a client.

Connect employees across all locations

Do you have various locations (possibly even in different countries) and would like to provide all employees with information relevant to them? No problem thanks to our solution.

Feedback culture – every opinion counts!

Whether they are an apprentice, a head of department, or the CEO, all employees can give each other feedback via our solution, regardless of their place in the hierarchy. This results in more transparency, new ideas, and a stronger affinity with coworkers and the company.

What People Say About It

Your solution is truly upstanding and the partners are behind product 100%. I'm good to go. Teams intranet has completely surpassed our expectations. It's really wonderful.

Leonor Kunze

Thanks teams intranet! Thank You! Teams intranet impressed me on multiple levels. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Ansley Zulauf
Head of Comms

If you want a real intranet that works and effective implementation - this solution got you covered.

Davion Gerhold
Comms Manager

It's exactly what I've been looking for. Teams intranet is both attractive and highly adaptable. You've saved our business!

Cierra Marks

Really good.

Cheyenne Stanton
IT Administrator

Teams intranet is awesome! Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! You guys rock!

Sylvan Kovacek
Head of Marketing

FAQ: We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started.

Can I install "teams intranet" without technical help?

Yes, but we recommend you to get support from your IT department, Office 365 admin or one of our partners. Make sure to connect one of our partners  to your IT department in case they need further support.

Can I use it without Microsoft Teams?

Yes you can. Then you will have a SharePoint Intranet solution available in you browser.

What about branding? Does it support my CI?

Yes, it does support basic branding options. Please read the Installation Guide to get all options.

Why is 'teams intranet' for free?

Almost all features, that come with the basic installation of "teams intranet" are available within Microsoft Office 365, for free. So we won't charge you aswell. Our partners will provide you paid consulting services for setting up your intranet and maintenance.

What features will 'teams intranet' provide?

See the list of features here. On top you will be able to add paid extensions provided by our partners. You may develop your own extensions.

How can I apply to be a partner, listed on this page?

Please send us a mail containing  all countries your company is working in and the reason why your are interested.

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